English Immersion Camps

What better way for a student to increase their English vocabulary and practice speaking than to be completely immersed in the language while rock climbing, wakeboarding or making new friends?

Swiss Adventure Camp was born in 2004 from the idea of combining native-English speaking students with non-native speakers allowing total immersion in a fun environment for a more extended period of time than the classroom allows. The philosophy of learning through fun, play and participating in daily activities becomes even more successful as we spend an entire day or week together with kids whose mother tongue is English.  “SAC”  has become successful in its own right as a camp that is attended by kids from the Lake Zurich region English speaking International schools with a love of the outdoors and sense of adventure.

For parents that work,  “Swiss Adventure Camp” provides an educational and fun environment that finds a solution to the problem of childcare during the many school breaks and holidays. The kids not only increase their English language skills but also may improve their rollerblading techniques!

Kids learn best when they are having fun!